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WW2 US Leggings

WW2 US Leggings
canvas material
with right details accessories

U.S. Military

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Reproduction Item: WW2 U.S. Leggings, nearly no soldier without this pair of leggings when they wear a uniform, many soldiers wear these kinds of leggings during their duty, the leggings they wear accompanied by combat boots are ensure dirt, and crud, mug, bugs, etc away, curved shape leggings right details, there are 2 buckles in each of leggings for wear, high-quality canvas made. We expertly made it to ensure the details were right for example, we made and assembled buckles, eyelets, and round tips and put lace ties through the legging which cost a lot of labor. 

Leggings calf size: 17 inches.

It doesn't have marked its size in leggings but indeed it's a 4R leggings.

Made of canvas material.

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WW2 US Leggings