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M1 US Helmet

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New Made Reproduction: A entire copy of the original helmet, with expert handcraft made this helmet professional, an outstanding replica m1 helmet, M1 Helmet was equipped from 1941st for WW2, and Vietnam War, Korean War, it was widely used by the US army, infantry, USMC, except Airborne since they need special revise for their duty, the m1 helmet was replaced by the modern military helmet in the 1980s. The M1 helmet is an outstanding symbol of the US Army, and many enthusiasts are fever of it.

Our M1 Helmet includes a steel pot, ABS liner, sweatband, chin strap adjustable, and suspension system, it comes to you with a webbing net, and with this cover, it would not easily scuff geat while taking part in a field game, the choice for WWII US military enthusiast, education propose, war game

It consists of sturdy fittings swivel bale, clips with a suspension system, a brass button in the chin strap, a metal buckle in the sweatband, etc.

Headwear circumference range from 56~60cm.
Weight 1.55kg.



Order includes a helmet with cover and cat eye strap.

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M1 US Helmet