Free Shipping Policy
To help your customers get orders as soon as possible. We are setting shipping with the method below

During this free shipping method, we would like to deliver your order as soon as possible. It takes about 7-14 business days for arrival to arrive in the US, expedited orders shipping will process an order and ship within 1 - 3 business days.

Select the free shipping way when you put items in the shopping cart and prepare checkout.

Business days range:
Monday through Friday.

None business days.
Saturday and Sunday and other holidays.

Free shipping worldwide, shipping to the US within 7~14 business days.
Pls feel free to contact our customer service mail: [email protected]

Additional Information.
Order Tracking: We safely ship the orders, and all tracking numbers can be tracked online.

We provide a tracking number after we ship the order out, most orders will receive tracking information via email.
Please contact us if you have not received it after 5-10 days of placing the order.

Multiple order packages.

We may ship by different shipping methods or shipping warehouses.
We will ship the order in one package if the ordered item is from 1 of our warehouses.
We will ship orders in several packages if the order item is from our different warehouse.

We ship the orders in most optimization methods, UPS, DHL, EMS, and China Air Mail, etc. will be our shipping methods.

Our international trade website is dedicated to provide quality products and a worry-free shopping experience for global consumers. In order to further meet the needs of our customers and provide more convenient services, we have adopted a Free Shipping Policy.
Below is a detailed description of our Free Shipping Policy:

1.What is Free Shipping Policy?
Free Shipping Policy refers to our provision of free logistics services to customers, which means that customers do not need to pay for shipping when purchasing goods from our WW2FIELD.COM. By eliminating the additional cost of shipping, customers can reduce their shopping expenses and enhance the sense of value and satisfaction in their purchases.

2. Applicable Scope Our Free Shipping Policy applies to all orders worldwide. Regardless of which country or region you are from, as long as you purchase goods on our mall website, you can enjoy the benefit of free shipping.

3.Shipping Calculation Method To fulfill the requirements of our Free Shipping Policy, we have adopted a special shipping calculation method. Normally, shipping fees are calculated based on the volume and weight of the goods. However, for the first-time free shipping experience, we have optimized our approach. We have selected most of our products from our inventory and applied global free shipping to these products. The selection of specific items will be determined based on factors such as sales volume and popularity, ensuring that the most popular and frequently purchased items can enjoy the benefit of free shipping.

4.Free Shipping Product Labeling For products eligible for free shipping, we will not mark them with a "Free Shipping" label on the product page, but we should tell you here that they are free shipping even we didn’t mention it in listing page. When customers choose products, they can use this label to determine whether they are eligible for free shipping.

5.Duration of the Free Shipping Policy. Our Free Shipping Policy is long-term and will be adjusted and optimized based on market demand and customer feedback. During the policy period, customers can enjoy free shipping services at any time according to their own needs.

6.Benefits of Free Shipping Policy
6.1.Cost savings: The Free Shipping Policy significantly reduces shopping costs as customers do not need to pay additional shipping fees, enabling them to obtain more affordable prices.
6.2.Enhanced shopping experience: Free shipping makes shopping more convenient for customers, with no additional worries or expenses, thereby increasing satisfaction and enjoyment in the shopping process.
6.3.Global uniformity: The Free Shipping Policy applies to all orders worldwide, regardless of your location, ensuring equal benefits for all customers.
6.4.Quality assurance: When selecting products for free shipping, we take into account factors such as sales volume and popularity to ensure that customers can purchase the most beloved and frequently purchased items.

7.Considerations for Free Shipping Policy
7.1.Exclusion of special products: For some special large items, we are temporarily unable to provide free shipping. These products usually require special transportation and packaging needs, requiring additional shipping fees.
7.2.Regional restrictions: Due to logistics limitations and operational difficulties in certain regions, we may not be able to provide free shipping globally. In such cases, we will offer the most optimized shipping discount solutions based on the specific regional shipping conditions.

8. Conclusion Through our Free Shipping Policy, we aim to provide a premium shopping experience for customers worldwide. As long as our mall website indicates "Free Shipping" for the purchased goods, you can enjoy free shipping. We believe that this policy will bring more convenience and affordability to your shopping, and we also look forward to benefiting more consumers through the promotion of our Free Shipping Policy. Thank you for choosing our online shopping mall, and we will always strive to provide you with the best shopping experience.