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WW2 US Haversack M1928

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Our haversack also consistently upgrade the quality and meet the need of customers' satisfaction, firstly adopt upper grade canvas clothing cut material piece by piece and treating every rolling edge carefully, ensuring it is the same dimension compared with surplus gear, utilizing hard reinforced hardware into it, normally reproduction haversack is aimed for customers who want it with various propose with limited budget, we know it and we don't want to make it so poor, our hardware such as shape D loop (D-Ring) and spring clip is upgraded, more heavy duty.

Hope this haversack can help you with any of propose for the WW2 collection.


Weight: 700g

Size: not for heights up to 190 cm people.


Newly made item: Reproduction World War 2 M1928 haversack. The 1928 haversack is the replacement of the previous M1910 haversack. It was equipped for US infantry, marines, etc... US Army consistently developed the advanced haversack for soldiers, with this version of the haversack, added new functions that reinforced warriors in trench warfare, for example, features quick release buckle and strap closure for mess kit pouch in front of the haversack.

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WW2 US Haversack M1928