Black 1911 Holster

Black 1911 Holster

Replica WW2 WWII U.S. 1911 HIP Holster

U.S. M1912 Hip Holster

US 1911 Holster Brown

made by high quality leather
strap to secure at leg
US stamp
embossed flap.

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Brand new WWII reproduction M1916 Colt holster replica

Embossed U.S. stamps in front of the flap, solid metal hook in back of holster, truely hand made item, the leather we pick is pretty hard and flexibility genuine leather cowhide, not like the soft one, this 1911 holster you touch and feel it is like strong men, it can be very safe when you load your 1911 holster into it.

Many buyer or war reenactment fans may like the dark color holster, leather turn to dark color since there must time pass by and history turn it to dark, original color is always bright
These use the correct fittings and feature belt hooks on the rear for attaching to a m36 pistol belt

  • This 1911 holster replica
  • for Colt M1911/M1911A1 pistols
  • Marked US stamp

Heavy duty genuine Leather formed,  copy from the original M1916 .45 Auto Pistol Holster during world war 2 version.

Brown color same as US army gear issued during WWII

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