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Original Chinese Type 56 Semi Chest RIg

>Real original SKS genuine 10 pockets type 56 semi-chest rig.
>Which can help you load up 200 rounds of 10 round 7.62x39 mm SKS stripper clips.
>Every pouch can help you load 2 stripper clips.
>The pouch that is slightly larger on the left side when you wear it is for your cleaning gear supply.
>This original type 56 semi-chest green rig is very tough and strong for your use.
>Very easy way to keep your 7.62 ammunition safe and easily, a very good quality item, original surplus. worthy of your collection.
>This original type 56 semi-chest rig is made from high-grade waterproof canvas material, 100% cotton, with an original mark.

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Chinese Genuine SKS 7.62x39 10 Pockets.

Type 56 semi chest rig ammo pouch.

load 2 clips in one pouch holder.


  • 1 Made of heavy 100% genuine cotton material canvas.
  • 2 The canvas material is very tough for you to lead your favorite gears and no need to worry.
  • 3 It's comfortable to wear and easily adjustable with you.
  • 4 You can also revise it for other uses if you need to.

Order include
1 x type 56 semi chest rig.

These are not cheap reproduction items but genuine military surplus People’s Liberation of China Army, They are always made of waterproof material that is very durable to use, affordable price, and long-time service items you will be happy with. they are always produced in the late 70s, or 80s, or longer than that of your age. 

Original surplus Chinese SKS chest pouch for stripper clips. These are the best for holding ammo for your SKS. Two fully loaded stripper clips can fit in each pouch. There is a large utility pouch on the end. The material is green canvas and cloth with the inside of the pouch having a green vinyl material and each is secured with wooden tabs. That is the good.

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Original Chinese Type 56 Semi Chest RIg