German WW2 M31 Mess Kit

German WW2 M31 Mess Kit

WW2 German Mess Kit Strap

WW2 German Mess Kit Strap

WW2 German M31 Canteen

ww2 German
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M31 canteen

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High-Grade Replica: This is a standard color replica WW2 canteen with details, a canteen cover made of wool, a canteen, and a cup made of aluminum, with legible markings in the canteen cup of HRE38.

It includes well well-stitched wool fabric canteen cover dark grey, which features the wartime of the German canteen, and one real soft leather around the canteen cover that fastens the canteen by it, carrying it in personal combat all depend on it. Details are put back feels original, even the button in canteen cover closure has marked. Clips at the end of the leather straps have a special texture, the canteen cup print is black and the inner original aluminum color, canteen main parts have no print.

Ww2 German Canteen & Cover Set.
It will include an aluminum canteen and a wool cover.
covering the cup and the leather carrying straps.
High quality and fast delivery.

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