Chinese Type 87 Canteen

Surplus Chinese Type 87 Canteen

Type 54 Magazine Pouch 5 Pockets

Surplus Type 54 Magazine Pouch 5 Pockets

Original Chinese Type 56 Chest Rig

Original surplus item
Contains three tall center pouches
Four side pouches (2 on each side)
Chest rig’s canvas shoulder straps
Unique wooden toggle closure system
100% surplus and good condition which is ideal for collectors

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Limited Supply Genuine Surplus Chinese Military 7 Pocket Chest Rig


  • Designed to hold AK 47 magazines, loose rounds.
  • Original waterproof canvas which substantial really
  • 7 Pocket
  • 3 tall pouches
  • 4 side pouches
  • Chest Rig designed to hold AK-47 magazines, loose rounds
  • Main pouches fit one AK magazine
  • Each which can only carry one ak47 30 round mags per slot
  • It also fits m4 mags, but they sit a little deep

    Single stack for the mag pouches. Single stack bakelites go in real smooth and low profile. Although it hasn’t some sort of buckles in the back but the tie is very durable and the stitching is tight.
    It contains three tall center pouches and four side pouches (2 on each side).The chest rig’s canvas shoulder straps are adjustable,easy to fit your body.The unique wooden toggle closure system are simple and tight on all Pockets.
    This is top quality "genuine military surplus" in unissued condition.
    Heavy duty cotton canvas and webbing makes it light, strong and durable for the long haul.

Original surplus chinese sks chest pouch for stripper clips. These are the best for holding ammo for your SKS. Two fully loaded stripper clips can fit in each pouch. There is a large utilty pouch on the end. Material is green canvas and cloth with the inside of pouch having a green vinyl material and each is secured with wooden tabs. That is the good.

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